(Math with Bittians)
by Dennis Crombie
OSI Certified Open Source Software
(MASM32 assembly)

sine, cosine, and square roots make up a vast majority of 3D math processes
these very functions are the most time consuming of all x87 (FPU) functions
so I sent them to boot camp and whipped 'm into shape

NOW ! - Cosine and Sine for any angle in 27 clocks !!!
(fcos and fsin take up to 124 plus more for angles over 45 degrees (PI/4 radians))

bSin and bCos functions work equally fast on ANY angle this side of infinity (negative or positive)
Tests prooved these bMath functions average more then 4 times faster then FPU functions !!!

PLUS ! - "Snappy" sine and cosine in 14 clocks !!!
perfect for many uses (smooth triangle manipulation & etc)
approaching 10 times the speed of FPU functions !!!

ALSO ! - Square Roots in 23 clocks
(fsqrt takes 70)

bSqrt is over 3 times faster !!!